School integration

School integration


“School integration” a space from which we want to share with all families the concerns, objectives and activities of the AMPA related to the affective and social environment in which the schooling of our daughters and sons takes place.

We try that this page serves to exchange information with the maximum of transparency about the activities and procedures that are carried out by the AMPA and by the Educational Center.

Our goal is to collaborate with the school and with families in the prevention  and treatment of problems of integration and coexistence that may arise inside and outside the classroom. The AMPA will always be available offering its help to all members of the educational community.

The problems of coexistence that are detected cannot increase, we cannot allow them to be part of the daily life of the school but, on the contrary, we must look for ways of solution as soon as possible for the good of the students, the family and the educational center in general.

Our school due to the cultural and linguistic diversity that characterizes us we are more likely to suffer problems of coexistence and integration in the school. Sometimes, it’s simply a problem of understanding and communication. This can be prevented if measures are adopted and the entire educational community is involved to favor all possible channels of communication.

From the AMPA we will bring the best of us for all and for all.

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