The sources of income and funding of an AMPA are:

Annual membership fees. At a certain time, extraordinary quotas may be established provided that these have been agreed at the Extraordinary General Assembly.

Donations have been received from individuals or other private entities.

Aid from foundations of banking entities. The social works of the savings banks have economic items destined to the financing of certain volunteer activities.

Sponsorship: when a private company pays for something concrete: t-shirts, meetings, talks, brochures…

Self-financing: for the sale of services organized by the association: courses, workshops, excursions…

Bank interest: return on money if it has been deposited in a forward tax.

Fundraising activities (parties, lotteries, raffles…).

Collaboration agreements with the Administration.

Grants granted by the Administration upon application in the call. To do this, it will be necessary to present an activity project and then the corresponding economic justification and a report of the activity carried out.