The parents of the students of the educational center who, voluntarily wishing to belong to the association, pay the fee in the established form and amount will have the status of associates.

The payment of the fee implies its registration and the express acceptance of the statutes of this association. At the same time, associates benefit from DISCOUNTS  on promotions, activities, services and events organized by the A.M.P.A. The Dolses as well as in the shops that join in the future.

Through the AMPA LOS DOLSES they will be able to channel all your suggestions, doubts, requests for information, complaints, legal advice, help… whether they are related to the services managed by the AMPA or those that you want to transmit to the management of the educational center or to the City Council. An exclusive service for members of AMPA LOS DOLSES.

The amount of the fee for the 2022/2023 school year is € 15 per family

To become a member you need to fill the registration form and make the payment by bank transfer: Beneficiary: AMPA LOS DOLSES / Account number: IBAN: ES8600730100500506415543 / Concept: AMPA FEE 2022/2023 (WRITE SURNAME)